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ON LINE Rosplast exhibitor catalogue

The catalog provides information on the companies participating in the exhibition ROSPLAST 2006-2017

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Design and engineering (260)
Simulation, prototyping (162)
Mould making and tooling (516)
Die moulds and stamps (277)
Metal-processing and metal-working equipment (136)
Cutting and measurement equipment (98)
Shape-generating equipment (131)
CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software (82)
Automatization and quality control systems (42)
Normalized components, units, parts (66)
Metals, alloys, composites (45)
Innovation researches and projects (73)
Peripheral equipment, robot devices etc. (60)
Raw materials: resins, ingredients, plastics, foams, composites, rubber, rubber and elastoplast (28)
Semi-finished products: films, sheets, profiles, tubes and fibers. (12)
ITEMS from plastics, composite materials, combined metal-polymeric systems (31)
Equipment and technology: machinery, plant, line, pilot, manufacturing innovative machines for the manufacture of semi-relevant technologies and products. (76)
Means of production infrastructure: robots, chillers, etc. termofkafy, means logistics infrastructure. (25)
Diagnostic systems equipment, controls and monitoring (7)
Control systems equipment for various purposes and the complexity of the software. (5)
Equipment and technologies for waste disposal and recycling of plastics recycled into products (32)
Intellectual innovation and service, industry-specific media and Internet portals (22)
3D-equipment and technologies for 3D-print materials (43)
Hot runner systems, heaters, sensors etc. (12)
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"Master Form", LLC

Russia, Kirpichnaya Str. 28, Penza, Russian Federation, 440028

"Master Model", Ltd
Russia, Osipenko str., 4a-53, Moscow region, Zhukovsky

28# Kangqiang Rd., North Industrial Zone, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, 318020

Piskarevsky Avenue, 2, korp.2, (business center "Benoit"), office 848, St-Petersburg, Russia, 195027

"Matritsa", LLC

Russia, Pesichnaya str.,8/1, Leningradskaya region, Vsevolzhsky district, Sertolovo

"Matriza" Ltd
Russia, 2-ya Lukina str. 11, of. 5, Tver

"Maviay Kalip ve Plastik SAN Ltd. Sti"
Turkey, Ikiteli OSB, Ipkas San. Sit. 9/A Blok No 23, Kcukcekmece, Istanbul, Turkey

China, No.1, Huimin Road, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, 318020

"MCP-HEK Tooling GmbH"

Germany, Kaninchenborn 24-28, L?beck, D-23560, Germany

"Mecamolde - Moldes Para Plasticos, SA"
Portugal, Rua Comedador Antonio Silva Rodrigues, N 500, Zona Industrial, 3720-909, Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal

"Mega Plast" Ltd
Russia, Lenina prospect 73, Vladimir 600022

Turkey, ?kitelli O.S.B. S?leyman Demirel Bulvar? Sinpa? ?? Modern Sanayi Sitesi 2. Kat G Blok No: G33 Ba?ak?ehir, ?STANBUL, 34490

"Megapolis Group"
Russia, Yartcevskaya str., 27/1, Moscow

"Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH"
Germany, Rotebuehlstrasse 83-85, Stuttgart, D-70178

"Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH"
Germany, Rotebuehlstrasse 83-85, Stuttgart, 70178

"Metal Expo", the magazine
Russia, 51 Magnitogorskay street, St.Petersburg, 195027

"Metal Ravne, d. o. o."

Slovenia, Koro?ka cesta 14, 2390 Ravne na Koro?kem

"Metal working", magazine for machine engineers
Russia, Inzhenernaya str., 6, St. Petersburg

Russia, 20, Electrozavodskaya str., Moscow, 107023

"MetroPlastEngineering" LLC

Russia, Zhukovsky str. 12, Dolgoprudny, Moscow region


Russia, Gilyarovskogo street 57, office 538, Moscow, 129110

"Mikromashina" OJSC

Russia, Prostornaya str.,7, Moscow

"Milmak Metal San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti."
Turkey, 34775, Istanbul, Turkey

Japan, 16-3 Ryogoku 1-chome, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0026 Japan


Russia, Melioratorov proezd 15, Tver

"Miran JSC"
Belarus, Kal'variyskaya str., 25, office 513, Minsk, 220073

"", portal
Russia, Post Box 31, Moscow, 125190

Russia, Promyshlennaya str., 7, Krasnodar Territory, Kropotkin


Belarus, Matusevicha str. 35/1-3, Minsk, Belarus, 220140

"MKM", Ltd.
Russia, Ilfata Zakirova, St, 24, office MKM

"MNPC Interbranch Research and Production Centre"
Russia, Michurina str., 21 D, of. 10, Samara, 443013

"Modell Technick GmbH & Co. Formenbau KG"
Germany, Franz-Mehring-Strase 11, Sommerda, 99610

"Modern Technological Line"
Russia, Lyubertsy district, POS., Dostoyevsky street, building 4A, apt 5, 140072

"Mogilevkhimvolokno", JSC
Belarus, g. Mogilev - 35, 212035

"Mohandesi Imentak Tabar Estan Co"
Turkey, Balout St Amol Industrial Zone, Mit-Iran Building, P.O. Box 449 Amol-Iran


Russia, Polbina str., 45, Moscow, 109383

"Mold-Masters Europa" GmbH
Germany, Neumattring 1, D-76532 Baden-Baden

"Molde Matos" S.A.
Portugal, Estada de Nazare, No 2, Marinha Grande, 2431-959

"Moldegama", S.A.
Portugal, Rua da Forcada, n? 6 Ferraria, Pataias, 2445-712

Russia, Kargopolskaya 18-1, Moscow, Russia, 117216

"Moldes Catarino, Lda."

Portugal, Rua Nova do Moinho de Cima, 12 Albergaria, Marinha Grande, 2431- 902

"Moldetipo II", Lda
Portugal, Rua da Norca, Pero Neto P.O. Box 167 Marinha Grande, 2430-902


Portugal, Zona Industrial, lote 16, Apartado 370, Marinha Grande

Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky per, 1, bld.1


Italy, Via dell'Artigianato, 3 35010 Massanzago (PD), Italy

"Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys"
Russia, Leninskyi pr-t, 4, Moscow

"Most-1", Ltd

Russia, Lazoreviy proezd, 1, Moscow

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