"Association of plasti processors "

Russia, office 538, building 1, 5, Schelkovskoe HW, Moscow, 105122
. +7 (495) 902-6025
: +7 (495) 902-6025
info@rusopp.ru; bazunov@rusopp.ru

Protection of the collective interests of the small and middle sized manufacturers members of the APP - among the government agencies and public organizations. Support and development of the industry standards and professional skills. Information support.

  • Other
  • Raw materials: resins, ingredients, plastics, foams, composites, rubber, rubber and elastoplast
  • Semi-finished products: films, sheets, profiles, tubes and fibers.
  • ITEMS from plastics, composite materials, combined metal-polymeric systems
  • Equipment and technology: machinery, plant, line, pilot, manufacturing innovative machines for the manufacture of semi-relevant technologies and products.
  • Equipment and technologies for waste disposal and recycling of plastics recycled into products
  • Intellectual innovation and service, industry-specific media and Internet portals
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