"Trade house "TETRA", Limited liability company

Russia, Samarkandskaya st. 1, building 2, office 400, Ufa, Russian Federation, 450049
тел. +7 (347) 298-40-28 / 292-68-70
факс: +7 (347) 298-40-28 / 292-68-70

LLC "Trade house "TETRA" produces a wide range of filter elements for extruders and grainers, various types of wire mesh discs and cuttings, filter sieve belts, industrial screenings, dutch wire mesh, wire cloth belts, filter knitting, crimped wire mesh, jigger screens etc. for screening, filtration and measurement technology.

  • Equipment and technology: machinery, plant, line, pilot, manufacturing innovative machines for the manufacture of semi-relevant technologies and products.