"Mogilevkhimvolokno", JSC

Belarus, g. Mogilev - 35, 212035
тел. +375 (222) 745-180
факс: +375 (222) 704-553

PET for imjection molding and for processing bottle-grade PET; polyester composite materials, polyester thermoplastic elastomers, polyester fibers and tows dull, black, high-crimped, hollow, siliconized, bicomponent; polyester industrial yarns; nonwoven needle-punched polyester fabrics: LavsanGeo, LavsanTech, LavsanFT, spunbonded geotextiles, roofing substrates; strapping band. PET bottle preforms, high-pressure fire hoses; polyethylene, polyolefin, polypropylene films.

  • Raw materials: resins, ingredients, plastics, foams, composites, rubber, rubber and elastoplast
  • Semi-finished products: films, sheets, profiles, tubes and fibers.
  • ITEMS from plastics, composite materials, combined metal-polymeric systems