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Greeting of the Chairman of the «Association of Russian Plastics Processors»

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the «Association of  Russian Plastics Processors» I am pleased to welcome you at the international specialized exhibitions «ROSMOULD» and «ROSPLAST» in the IEC Crocus Expo.

Every year the exhibitors demonstrate the technical developments of Russia and various countries in the industry of polymer materials, equipment and technologies for plastics processing, new processes and tendencies of the market progress in general.

In 2016 the increase in volumes of plastic products production (+5.4 per cent) and the decrease in imports of finished products were recorded. This undoubtedly reflects the success of domestic plastic processors, the efficiency of their innovative development. The support of the exhibitions «ROSMOULD» and «ROSPLAST» has made a significant contribution to that.

In the framework of the exhibitions will be traditionally presented all main stages of the production process from modeling, prototyping, manufacturing of dies and molds to production of items on commercial equipment. These exhibitions are attractive not only for Russian processors, but also for many international companies. Many years of exhibitions’ experience shows us very important dynamics of competitiveness of domestic enterprises. Year after year, we see that the Russian developments presented at the exhibitions, are not inferior to foreign one, and in some aspects superior to the world experience in the sophistication and originality of engineering solutions. The support of the «Association of Russian Plastic Processors» for these exhibitions is traditional. Because tooling is the most important part of the manufacturing process.

Business program of the exhibition will include a series of seminars on topical issues of tooling equipment production and 3D modeling. This is a platform for discussing major industry trends and existing problems that require rapid and effective solutions. The exhibition is always a school of skills and an informal way of raising the level of knowledge of personnel potential of the country.

We wish to all participants of business meetings success, important discussions, interesting solutions and new ideas to implement!

Chairman of the «Association of Russian Plastics Processors»
Katsevman M. L.