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Baby Plast

Injection molding machines Babyplast 610 on ROSMOULD/ROSPLAST-2017

Babyplast-Russia invites you to visit our booth С-13 on International specialized exhibition ROSMOULD, which will be held on 20-22 June, 2017 in Moscow, IEC “Crocus Expo”

At our booth С-13 you can see working injection molding machine Babyplast 610P with wide range of additional equipment for plastics industry:

  • Chiller;
  • Dryer-autoloader of polymer granules;
  • Separator of sprues from details;
  • Thermostat to maintain constant temperature of the mold;
  • Crusher of sprues;

We will be happy to meet with you and discuss your new projects.

Separate exposition will be dedicated to industry chillers and thermostats of Eurochiller S.r.l. (Italy)

Welcome and see you soon!