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Post-release of ROSPLAST-2014


ROSMOULD, the unique and most comprehensive mould technology trade show in Eastern Europe, opened its doors to visiting professionals on 17-19 June, 2014. A display of 253 companies, located in Pavilion 2 of Crocus Expo exhibition and convention centre, highlighted all the basic stages of the tool-making process. The 9th edition of ROSMOULD was attended by over 7 000 professionals, which indicates an ever-growing interest towards the event in particular and the mold technology field in general, both in Russia and abroad. To name just a few of the major participants: HASCO, Fodesco, Deckerform, Zimmermann, Acroni, Sanki Seiko, АB Universal, The Russian Mold and Die Plant, Zenit-Auto, RMP Group, TZK Tooling, CSD, EASTEX Technologies, LOOGEEKs and many more.

The 5th anniversary ROSPLAST show was held in parallel with ROSMOULD, showcasing plastics processing machinery, raw materials and product samples. The opening ceremony featured addresses from V. Abramov, head of the Russian Plastics Processors Union, and numerous overseas guests. The exhibitor list of ROSPLAST 2014 comprised the following global and home market leaders: GWK, Moretto, YUDO, Balitech, Rusplast, STR Plastic, Formet Plastics Machinery and more.

The joint display of the two shows covered the whole range of products and services related to mold-making and plastic product manufacturing, which put ROSMOULD and ROSPLAST on the map of key technological shows of summer 2014.

The current issue of ROSMOULD and ROSPLAST saw a considerable expansion of geographical boundaries for both trade fairs. Besides exhibitors from Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Korea and other countries traditionally associated with tool-making and machinery manufacturing, the 2014 shows welcomed participants from Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia, Israel and Iran. Following the established custom, the national pavilion of Germany (organized by EUROMOLD, Germany, Frankfurt am Main) and a sizeable pavilion of Chinese mold and machinery manufacturers made a substantial part of the exposition. As a benchmark in the long-term Russian - Japanese partnership project, a group of Japanese tooling and equipment manufacturers, brought together by the organizers of INTERMOLD (Japan, Osaka), took part in ROSMOULD 2014.

The organizers of ROSMOULD, keeping up with the latest trends and bearing in mind that the technologies of 3D scanning and 3D printing are among the keystones of the modern mould industry, focused on demonstrating 3D equipment and promoting 3D technologies within the framework of the 2014 show. Cutting edge products from both international giants of the 3D industry (3D Systems, EOS, Stratasys) and daring young Russian manufacturers (Picaso, RangeVision, Volume Technologies) were showcased at the fair.

Following the slogan “ROSMOULD in 3D”, the trade show’s business programme was supplemented by the conference “Application of 3D technologies in various industries”. The event won high acclaim from a numerous specialist audience: the speakers were approached with in-depth technical questions and followed by applause. The speakers, in their turn, appreciated the audience’s enthusiasm and the overall degree of sophistication in the field of 3D printing and 3D scanning. A series of brilliant talks was given by the representatives of 3D.RU, The Russian Industrial Company, RangeVision, Picaso 3D and others. Of especial interest was the report on the application of laser scanners and CAD/CAM systems in designing the monument to Yak-3 airplane (Vladimir Yashkin, Technokauf). Among the culminating points of the event was the contribution of Robert Thibault, General Manager, Fabbers “Mass customization – new approaches to products and services focused on the target audience’s interests and needs”.

The Organizers of ROSMOULD and ROSPLAST heartily welcome all those interested in new technologies in the field of tool-making and plastics processing, as well as in the latest developments in the sphere of 3D-technology, to visit both the 10th Jubilee ROSMOULD show and the 6th issue of ROSPLAST on 23-25 June, 2015.