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Greeting of the President of «ROSMOULD»

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I welcome you at the 8th International specialized exhibition of raw materials, equipment and technologies for production of plastic products «ROSPLAST-2017», which is annually held in IEC «Crocus Expo».

At the exhibition «ROSPLAST» the latest achievements of the powerful plastics industry are presented. Raw materials, equipment and also the newest technologies, opening great prospects for manufacturers of plastics are demonstrated at the stands of participants.

Here you can see the main components of the raw materials base, semi-finished products and finished products from plastics, composite materials and combine metal-polymer systems.

Manufacturers of modern equipment and technologies from different countries have brought samples of the latest machineries, lines, innovative production machines, the use of which will allow realizing the most daring technological solutions.

For control of technological equipment the latest systems of various complexities can be selected. Developments, providing a high level of diagnostics of finished goods, control and monitoring systems are also presented.

Exhibition «ROSPLAST» gives the opportunity to learn how solve problems with waste disposal at the appropriate level, processing of polymeric materials into useful products.

An important component of the exhibition is the business program. It includes an international conference that includes the coverage of the modern trends in industrial design of plastic products, as well as the popularization of additive technologies. Visitors will be able to fully learn the situation in the industry, clearly see how to pass all the stages of production – from idea to finished product.

I note that the exhibition has all conditions for holding business effective negotiations, which in itself will promote beneficial cooperation, signing mutually beneficial contracts.

Additional information participants will be able to get on the 12th International specialized exhibition «ROSMOULD», which held in conjunction. It presents the latest, essential for plastics processing equipment with assistance of its leading producers.

I wish you successful, productive meetings, new promoting business acquaintances.

King regards,
Dmitry Sorokorensky
President of «ROSPLAST»